Hello guys, This is the 2nd video in the series – “Startup sins/mistakes I committed while building Stoned Santa”.

3 years ago when my father advised me against investing a major chunk of my startup savings at setting up a stall in Comic-con, I revolted back, and said –

“You don’t know much about startups, I don’t think you understand. I will handle it, don’t worry”

I had recently won a Business Plan competition at IIT-Kanpur, and my little ego was inflated, and in my mind, I thought – “Apun hi Bhagwan hai”

I was wrong. Papa was right. I went broke, lost all money. Yet, I had not learned my lesson, WHY?

Cuz I thought – “Apun hi Bhagwan hai”

Although the same mistake was never repeated, the roots of the mistake stuck around for a long-long time, and in this Vlog, I am letting it out.

It was very tough shooting this one, I wasn’t sure if I could accept this publicly, but for some reason, I felt responsible to put this out.